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Gods of different Religions Photos

These are some photos of the ‘Faces of Gods of different religion’ in this world. Our world possess a diversity of languages and religions which can be seen anywhere in this world.God is One, but have different faces for different people following different religion.

1. Zeus

He is the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology.

2. Flying Spaghetti Monster

3. Ikenga (Igbo Mythology)

4. Yahweh

The burning bush isn’t exactly the permanent and only manifestation of God, just one of the manifestations within the Torah.

5. Kim Jong-Il (North Korean Mythology)

6. God in Christianity

It is a section of Michelangelo’s fresco Sistine Chapel ceiling painted circa 1511.

7. Jupiter

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Jupiter or Jove is the king of the gods, and the god of the sky and thunder.

8. Amun

Amun was a god in Egyptian mythology

9. Brahman (Hinduism)

Brahman is sometimes referred to as the Absolute or Godhead which is the Divine Ground of all beings.

10. Akatosh (Elder Scrolls Mythology)

11. Satan (Satanism)

12. Odin

13. Huitzilopochtli

In Aztec mythology, Huitzilopochtli, “Hummingbird on the Left”, or “Left-Handed Hummingbird”, was a god of war, a sun god, and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan.

14. The Divine Pimander (Hermeticism)


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