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Most Famous and Popular Pictures on the Internet

These are some exclusive photos which are mad famous by INTERNET. Yes !!! these are some rare top 10 photos which are famous not due to their photographers but by their presence on the web and people’s liking.

1. Eclipse over Bangkok

2. Spider-Man Lizard

The Mwanza Flat-headed Agama (Agama mwanzae) is a lizard in the family Agamidae. It is found in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. In 2009, a photograph of the lizard went viral after people recognized the similarity to Spider-Man.

3. Snake Grabbing Wallaby

4. Plane striking with Truck

5. Pink Dolphin (Rare Photo)

In June 2007, pictures of a pink albino bottlenose dolphin were captured in Calcasieu Lake, which is a brackish lake located in southwest Louisiana, United States.

6. Big Monster Pig

7.Julio Aparicio Gored

The bull’s horn entered under Aparicio’s chin and came out his mouth. He was seriously injured in the event and had two surgeries in order to escape death.

8. Mixed Twins

In 2005, the girls were born to Kylie and Remi Horder. Kylie and Remi are also of mixed race and have a white mother and black father.

9. Bitterroot National Forest Fire

10. Anjana the Chimp

Anjana is a chimpanzee that lives at TIGERS: The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in South Carolina, U.S.


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